Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Of Course Jen Does It 100%

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself and say WOW this is a GREAT Blog site. I love the artwork and colors. But hey, I wouldn't expect anything less from our Woolgirl. She is the greatest and she only does it 100%. I just wanted to give Jen a little shout out first for all she does to make her shop #1.

I'm Patty and I live in Indiana. I have the cutest cat named Jake. He's a tuxedo kitty and he's loved by his momma and daddy very much.

I have only knit socks for about a year and have become addicted to the darn things. I guess you could say I have become addicted to sock yarn and I have to create something with all this stash I have accumulated. I am bad on the stash part...really, really bad. My DH just gave me another lecture last night about I'll never knit all this yarn before I die..blah, blah, blah. He just doesn't understand.

Anyway, here I am waiting patiently for my Woolgirl Sock Club to arrive with all of you.

It's very nice to meet you. I'll talk to you later.



belinda3396 said...

It is so true. Jen has a terrific store and does things 100%! I get the same comments from my husband as well about my yarn stash!!

Woolgirl Sock Club Members said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments Patty! You are the sweetest! :)