Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Here! :-)

I was lucky to get into the Sock Club this year. So I am very excited! I love knitting socks and actually started knitting them to learn to read patterns as I have been knitting for years but in a very wing it kind of way. I see something and dupe it as best as I can. So needless to say the patterns were a bit daunting at first.

I live in NYC but originally from West Texas! I miss Texas but love the city as well. So my heart belongs to 2 places.

Those of you that are Veterans to the Sock club chime in and let us "Newbies" know about your previous experiences with this sock club. That would be great to hear!

Happy to be here and Knittin' Socks with Ya'll!

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Woolgirl Sock Club Members said...

Welcome Druanna! I'm so happy that you are in the club! :)