Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Introductions seemed like a good place to start and are a lot more fun than working. :)
I'm Heather B over there in the sidebar and I'm living in the Philadelphia Suburbs. I've only completed two pairs of socks, but this has not stopped me from amassing large quanities of sock yarn. Right now it all lives in a drawer under my bed, which I like to paw through from time to time. Jen's store is one of my favorite places to shop so I think this sock club is going to be great fun. Now I'm going to cross my fingers and hope the package shows up Friday.


belinda3396 said...

I love your sock stash picture! I see some Yarn Pirate in there! I love to knit socks and I have so much sock yarn that it has its own room! I will also take it out from time to time and stare at it and I even bring it to work with me! I am so excited about the sock club! I am knitting as fast I can so I can devote all my knitting time to the new yarn and pattern!

froggie girl said...

Thanks! I made my day that someone like the silly stash picture. You know I've been thought about bringing yarn to work but that sounds like a good idea. I can stuff a skein in the pen bowl. :)

Woolgirl Sock Club Members said...

Hi Heather! I love this photo! Great shot! :) Sock yarn collecting is definitely habit forming, but what a wonderful one to have I say! :)

I'm so happy you have joined us!