Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just in time...

The mail man came just a few minutes ago. My husband was getting ready to take the dogs for a walk when HE spotted the mailman. I wasn't really expecting mail until later. He runs outside and practically attacks the mail man. You'd think he was the one with the package coming! There must be something about boxes in the mail that excites everyone. I tore open the box and I was floored. Everything is fantastic! I'm so amazed at how many things were sent and the colors oh my goodness! Sooo pretty. The delivery came just in time for my birthday Monday so I'll be able to start casting on and working on a special pair of socks just for me :)

Just to introduce myself to everyone my name is Johnna, I'm in Southern California and on Monday I'll be 26. I'm married with 2 dogs and a cat. I'm still a "new" knitter, meaning that while I've picked up the needles occasionally over the last few years I never really made anything other than scarves until around May of this year. Since then I've taken on more and more complex and hard projects, I'm not one to turn away from a challenge. I'm really looking forward to all the shipments and taking this journey along with everyone here. If you're interested you can read my blog here


froggie girl said...

LOL! I love the fact that your husband attacked the mailman. I will have an amusing picture of that in my head for the rest of the day. Happy early birthday to you.

Heather B

Deb said...

Happy early birthday! I was so excited about the yarn I knit the first leg last night.