Monday, December 24, 2007

Waterfalls Extras Anyone?

Hello-- Does anyone have any extra of the first sock yarn in the club-- the Miss Babs Waterfalls? I am really short-- like 3/4 of a foot short. I changed patterns and thought I would have enough. Boy was I wrong. I love the first sock to much to rip out so I thought I would see if anyone has any extras.

I have a lot of other yarns-- see Ravelry- littlepeeps or shoot me an email at jwagner3 at twcny dot rr dot com if you would be interested in trading or selling.

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 23, 2007

November Sock!

Oh my goodness!  I started the November sock today at about 4:30 and I couldn't stop.  It is almost 2 am now and I had to make myself walk away.  I am about 3 rows into the heel flap.  The little bobble (is there a name for this stitch?) took me a couple of tries to figure out and is making my hands hurt and I don't even care.  Must keep knitting.  I would love to see more photos of people's Irish Dreams Socks!   What a fun pattern and what beautiful yarn.  Sorry if this is a bit scattered . . . as I said, I have been knitting this sock for almost 10 hours.   

Saturday, December 15, 2007

December Sock Club Shipment

Hi Everyone! I hope by now that the majority of you have received your December sock club packages! Some of the international ones may not have arrived yet, but hopefully this coming week! So, I won't disclose too much information here for those of you who haven't received your packages, however, I do want to mention that everyone is receiving the same package. If you are missing a tape measure (as someone mentioned they were?), please do email me right away and I will get that out to you! I'm sorry if you didn't receive that in your package!

The next sock club package is scheduled to ship out in early February, and I'm especially excited for this one for several reasons, all of which need to remain a secret until you receive your shipments! :)

There is a special notice in your boxes about renewing your membership in the sock club for 2008. Please remember that you will need to email me no later than December 31st if you would like to renew your membership - after that point the memberships open up to the rest of the knitting community.

Happy Knitting and Happy Holidays!

All packages are supposed to be the same, right?

Stariel had posted to my blog that her kit didn't have a tape measure in it. All our kits should be the same, right? Just thought I'd ask...

My Favorite

This shipment is far and away my favorite! I may have to get more of this colorway--it is gorgeous! Thanks, Jen!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I got mine, too!

I had also forgotten the shipment was coming, too! So far, there has not been a colorway I have not loved nor a pattern I have not wanted to knit immediately (though I have managed to resist casting on...)

Thanks so much for such and awesome club, Jen!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

For me?

Dear Jen,
I love you and the Christmas present you sent me. Sure the present is really the next sock club shipment, but I'd forgotten that a package was coming in December. The box behind my screen door was a surprise and I briefly wondered if I'd started ordering sock yarn in my sleep (God help us all if that happened). The box was greedily ripped into and there was much cooing with delight at the yarn color. Then the final test, a good long yarn sniff. Best... sniff... ever.

X's and O's