Saturday, December 15, 2007

December Sock Club Shipment

Hi Everyone! I hope by now that the majority of you have received your December sock club packages! Some of the international ones may not have arrived yet, but hopefully this coming week! So, I won't disclose too much information here for those of you who haven't received your packages, however, I do want to mention that everyone is receiving the same package. If you are missing a tape measure (as someone mentioned they were?), please do email me right away and I will get that out to you! I'm sorry if you didn't receive that in your package!

The next sock club package is scheduled to ship out in early February, and I'm especially excited for this one for several reasons, all of which need to remain a secret until you receive your shipments! :)

There is a special notice in your boxes about renewing your membership in the sock club for 2008. Please remember that you will need to email me no later than December 31st if you would like to renew your membership - after that point the memberships open up to the rest of the knitting community.

Happy Knitting and Happy Holidays!


Angie K said...

Are you going to send out confirmation emails for the 2008 Club?

Woolgirl Sock Club Members said...

Yes...if you email me requesting a renewal, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please let me know, as I most likely did not receive your email request.

Thank you Angie!