Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey Hey!

Hi! Seems like we're all saying a little something. Very excited about the sock club, it's my first one. I'm in Alaska, born and raised here. I have four beagles, a civil engineer husband and am attending graduate school for counseling psych, so I'm sure I'll have a lot of time to invest in knitting socks. Ha! I have hope and most of my cohort is interested in learning to knit, so I'm recruiting new knitters as well!

Can't wait for my box. I'm also doing secret pal 11 so I'm patiently awaiting for two surprise boxes. I'm THRILLED! I love surprises.

I'm Abigail in the sidebar by the way, I usually just go by Abbey. :) Ta!

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Belinda said...

Alaska must be so beautiful! It also must be great as you can wear all of your knitted items most of the year! I am down Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I generally just knit socks to wear around the house and I knit a lot of sleeveless garments. I am so excited about the club! I missed secret pal 11 as I only recently got a blog, so I am looking forward to a secret pal 12!