Friday, September 14, 2007


Hi everyone! Some of you should be receiving your packages today, and I'm so excited! Please send me an email or post here if you receive your package, as I want to know your thoughts!

I wanted to let you know too, that I am away from my desk for most of the day today and all day tomorrow, so look forward to checking out all of your comments on Sunday!

Happy package opening! :)



Belinda said...

Oh, I just know that you did an amazing job on the sock club packages and can't wait to see it! With all this anticipation, you must be pretty nervous to see what everyone will think of the shipment.

KarenC said...

My youngest just opened my package for me and all I can say is, wow! Impressive debut, Jen! This is my first sock club ever and I may be spoiled for all others -- lovely yarn and some very thoughtful goodies...