Thursday, September 20, 2007

I finished one!

I was so excited to get the first yarn club installment on the first day of my vacation (saturday) that I started the sock and abandoned all my other projects... and I just finished grafting the toe on the first sock!! It is so pretty, Jen! It probably would have taken me much longer if I'd been trying to fit it in around a real 'life' but on vacation... much easier! now I just have to get the second one done before I head back to home and responsibilities. I have size 10 feet and was worried that the sock might be too small, but I did a gauge swatch and made sure I was on the 5.5-6 st/in side of gauge and it worked out perfectly. probably the best fitting pair of socks I've made to date. (okay, so its only my third pair... like goldilocks, my first was too small, my second was too big... waterfall.. just right!)

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