Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sock Club News

Hi there everybody! I hope that most of you have received your sock club shipments by now and if not, very soon!

There are just a few things I wanted to address regarding the sock club...

1) Someone asked about more details on the Mama Llama yarn. Catherine (aka Mama Llama) dyes this gorgeous yarn in the most stunning colorways. You can view more of her yarn here: and we also stock this yarn on our website here. We have a new shipment of Mama Llama yarns coming in very soon, so watch the website for those updates in the next couple of weeks! Catherine lives in Texas and dyes all of her own yarn. Both yarns are 100% Superwash Wool - if you received the fingering weight yarn it's a 3ply fingering weight and if you received the sport weight yarn it's a sport (or perfect) sock weight. Catherine may post more detail here also about the yarn soon! :)

2) This month's contest. I am in the process of updating this Sock Club Blog to include an area that is strictly for contests, an area for pattern updates, etc, but it's going to take me a few weeks to update this. In the meantime, and for this first contest, please just post here on the blog with your answers. Thank you for your patience!

3) We now have the Mama Llama Sock Club yarns listed on the website for purchase for Sock Club Members only. Several of you have mentioned that you love the colorway and want to knit something even larger with the yarn in addition to the socks. Well, now you can! The yarn is slightly discounted for sock club members throughout the duration of the sock club. After that time, the yarn will be normal price. You can order the yarn HERE .

Please note, when ordering the yarn, the timeframe will be approximately 3 weeks before receiving the yarn.

And when you have time, please feel free to check out the Ravelry Woolgirl Sock Club group!

Can't wait to see your photos posted here of completed Reina socks!

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Mardi said...

I think I have to choose this painting. It evokes so much of what I felt about New York when I first came there a a student - the drive, the dazzle, the industry, the sound of jazz, the special light, the glamour and the grit. Now that's mostly nostalgia - New York has changed a lot, and I wish it were still the city of this painting.