Friday, April 25, 2008

Club Contest #1 - White Rose with Larkspur

Choosing just one Georgia O'Keefe (O'Keeffe? I've seen it both ways!) painting as a "favorite" is almost impossible for me. I think my favorite changes with my mood.

Today, I feel a strong attaction to the quiet, subdued, tranquil shades of "White Rose with Larkspur."

After a very busy, frantic, frustrating week, I really feel so much calmer looking at the colors in this painting.

I was thinking how I wished I could paint my house in these colors. Then I found this: someone had posted a "White Rose with Larkspur" themed palette on!

I'm considering printing it out and bringing it to the hardware store, and having them mix up a few gallons of wall paint. Unfortunately, my landlord won't let us paint.

So until we move into our own house, I'll have to keep looking at the prints. But I know that a "White Rose with Larkspur" themed room will be in my future!

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