Thursday, April 24, 2008

Georgia O'Keefe . . . Contest #1

1924 - From the Lake no 1.jpg

My favorite Georgia O'Keefe is entitled From The Lake No 1.  I absolute love the colors in this piece.   The expected blues, grays, and browns as well as the unexpected yellows and greens work together to form the turbulent waves.  I have lived in (and around) Chicago my whole life, and to me a storm over a lake looks and feels totally different than a storm over the ocean.  It is darker and there is blue but also browns and greens and grays.  It is very typical O'Keefe, yet it isn't because you tend to see flora and desert in her paintings.  They also tend to be calm and serene while this painting has so much movement.  Someone needs to make some sock yarn out of these colors! 

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