Monday, April 28, 2008

Contest Entry #1

As I browsed through the some odd 200+ pintings of hers I came across this one. "White Trumpet Flower." For a girl who is getting married 2 months from today it spoke to me. It is purest white, just as a wedding dress. It has the most delicate petals, just like lace. It's soft sweet scent, just like the bride's flowers. Just thinking about it makes me thinkg about how every little girl dreams about her wedding day as a little girl. Her long white flowing dress. Her first dance with her prince charming. How everyone will be telling her how she is the prittiest girl in the whole world. Looking at this picture makes me think about all the planning I have been doing since October. How will everything turn out? Who will come? How will my hair turn out? What will my flowers look like? All of these dreams of mine will become a reality soon enough.

PS. If anyone can leave me a comment on how to post a stinking picture, that would be GREAT! thx!

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