Friday, April 25, 2008

Contest #1 - Georgia O'Keefe

This was difficult to choose! I really like Red Canna (1923). It reminds me of a sunrise, and the yellow looks like it's exploding out of the red, ready to begin a new day or adventure. It may also be that it reminds me of spring and all the sun we're gaining now. Also, how nice summer will be, if it ever gets here!

I also like Lake George, Early Morning Spring (1925). It reminds me of the country up here, and the summer camps I used to attend when I was younger. You can find many peaceful places like this here in Alaska; the summers especially are gorgeous.

I also like a lot of the ones others have posted! I'd see them and think: Oh, I didn't see that! So I had to go back and look at them all again, and find more I like. Her paintings just flow so well, and most are so peaceful and relaxing. I need some of them around my house. =)

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Mardi said...

I'm glad to see other votes for O'Keefe's urban pictures. I love the Radiator building and the New York Night pictures too - in fact I have a big poster of the "Night" one. I can't choose a favorite but I love "Street, New York No. 1." (I don't know how to put up a picture of it here.) To me it's a very spooky work, and combines the space and silence in her later canyon pictures from the southwest with the urban landscape. In fact, you can't even tell at first glance what you are looking at, until you spot the lone street lamp at the bottom of the painting. At first it could almost be rock canyon walls. It's mysterious, and a bit menacing. Those are qualities I feel are in many of O'Keefe's works including the flower paintings. As I look at it I can hear the echo of my own footsteps on the lonely street, sense the walls looming over me, and feel the cold of the shadows where the sun can't reach the sidewalk. But there is space and light above, and the light at the end of the street.