Thursday, April 17, 2008

My 1st Woolgirl Sock Club shipment!!!

I got the best welcome home yesterday, my Woolgirl Sock Club shipment was nestled nicely next to my plant at my front doorstep *-) It immediately gave me the nostalgic feeling of opening presents at Christmas time!

I plan to cast on for my socks today, just need to visit my LYS to get the right needles. I really love the color, and the subtle hue of blue, so pretty! I'm thanking myself up and down for joining, especially since this is my first year *-) I love all the extra goodies, and can't wait to use the Woolgirl Tote to stash my socks in progress, and the wonderful note cards, I can send notes to my fellow knitters out there!


Socksetal said...

I agree the package it very beautiful and quite well done....but PLEASE use a SPOILER picture next time!!!!! Not everyone has gotten their package and you've gone and ruined the surprise for others.

Honestly, I thought everyone understood to use a spoiler. Guess not, so I'll choose to stay away from the blog and from the Ravelry group until I actually receive my package. Such s shame though as I enjoy hearing others get so excited too even if nothing has arrived at my door.

If the original poster cannot change her photo, I hope Jenn can instead.

Rocky said...

Ok I'm sorry, I didn't know it was bad to post pictures of the shipments. I've removed the picture, and hopefully everyone will forgive me.