Friday, October 24, 2008


I love flowers, all flowers really.

But I have a very special place in my heart for roses. Not the standard florist-variety hybrid tea, but the big old gals - Chinas, Bourbons, Albas, etc. These are the Grande Dames of the flower world, in my opinion.

Each rose has such a distinct personality.

Some of them are floozies - too much scent, big garish colors and will shed all their petals if you brush up against them. Some are regal and mysterious - delicate plants that throw their scent, you must keep you distance in order to smell their lovely musky perfume.
Others are workhorses putting on a magnificent show of color all summer long.

And their names hint at their rich and mysterious pasts --

White Pearl in Red Dragon's Mouth

Cuisse de Nymphe

Chapeau de Napoleon

Tipsy Imperial Concubine

And my most recent favorite - Four Inch Heels

I dearly love these gals!

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