Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October Contest-- Favorite Flower

My favorite flower is also the hydrangea. I love them in all colors, all forms and varieties. I first took notice of them when I spent a year studying in England during college. English gardens are infamous for a reason, and hydrangea bushes abound everywhere you look! I love the fact that the flower itself tends to be big, puffy and dense, yet when you look at the individual petals, they are so sweet. And the colors range from vivid, bright blooms to subtle shaded blossoms. I have never managed to keep one alive for long. Maybe it's the Houston heat that does them in. I may have to relocate one day, just so that I can have a hydrangea garden.

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Purl said...

They are one of my absolute favorites, too! I loved seeing all the hydrangea plants when I was in Seattle.