Monday, May 12, 2008

my favourite .... dont think I have one

I think this is going to be one of the least popular blog comments .... to be honest, I had never heard of Georgia O'Keeffe prior to getting my WoolGirl shipment, so I went on line to check her out and have been keeping an eye on what other people have been saying about her wonderful work.

there have been some very interesting paintings .... the "Pink Dish and Green Leaves" and "Poppy" is actually quite lovely, and the pink rose posted a few below me is actually quite stunning. Morning Glories and Autumn Leaves are both quite nice also, but seem to be in such a different style. where the Pink Rose one could almost be a photograph, the latter are more interpretive .... and then there are the ones that just look like swirls of paint but for the most part you can pick out her intent.

although there are many nice ones to choose from, unfortunately there also seem to be many of her works that I find almost "disturbing". I'm not sure why, and I probably couldn't even tell you why a particular painting bothers me ... but it's because of this, that I don't think I can really name a "favourite". I've read many of the other blog comments, and most of the time I can understand why a particular member has chosen that picture based on what they have written (i.e. the colours are lovely, etc). I hope that all the Georgia O'Keeffe lovers out there are not offended by my lack of understanding or appreciation of her work.

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Anonymous said...

I think thoughtful ideas and honest critique are always warranted. It makes us see another side of the paintings that maybe we didn't notice because we were blindsided by her name. I don't think it's expected that everyone loves every piece of art ever made, that's why it's art and that's why there are so MANY different artists. Everyone sees something different in each artist and with every person, a new perspective is born! How glorious that you shared an honest opinion. :)