Friday, May 2, 2008

Contest #1 - Melissa H

When I received my shipment and read about the contest, the first painting that came to mind was "Red Poppy." As I was growing up, my mother loved this painting. She loved poppies, and was also an artist. So I guess I always just thought about this one as being my favorite......UNTIL I looked around a bit more at all of the beautiful paintings she's done! I've never really explored her artwork before, and was glad I had the opportunity to do so because of this contest.

I think that "The Lawrence Tree" is my new favorite. One of my most favorite things to do to relax, and take a moment to myself is to lay in my hammock, under the trees in our backyard and just stare up at all the branches and leaves. It's always so beautiful and peaceful to me and this painting just captured that love of mine. I might even have to purchase a print of my own so that I can admire it - especially on rainy days when I can't lay in the hammock!

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