Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tracy's contest #2 entry

Normally frogs are not high on my list of interests. I usually squeal like a girl if they are in the vicinity. This time I got to squeal due to colourful, detailed, love in a bag that was delivered by post. Researching this has not made me queasy thank goodness. In fact, I may now have to reverse my aversion to the little jumpers. They are just so darned colourful and lovely when they are on my feet.

Attention class she says in her best teacher voice.

1) The genus "hyla" (part of all scientific tree frog names) means wood in Greek. It is attached to all 33 species of tree frogs' names.

2) They lay their eggs on the sticks and leaves in temporary ponds that other predators do not come near on a regular basis. They also leave their young and return to the forest.

3) They can be up to 4 inches in length depending on which of the species you are looking at.

Now students.....if you can name all 33 species you need to back away from the computer and go knit something. You must be coming down with something.

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