Sunday, June 22, 2008

Frog contest

I just think frog are generally an odd little thing - I like the translation in this month's sock club pack!

My answers are...
1. per Wikipedia...The name originates from the Greek word skinos, meaning quick or nimble.

2. Tree frogs lay their eggs in water, or on the undersides of leaves near water.

3. Tree Frogs can get as big as 4"

Thank you Jen, for another learning experience:)

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Pam said...

Hi Jen.

Great colors on the tree frog sock kit! Love 'em.

Here are my best guesses:

1. Pseudacris is from the Greek pseudes, meaning false or deceptive, and acris, from the Greek akris, meaning a locust. This name is presumably in reference to their voice. The species name regilla is from the Latin regillus, meaning regal or splendid. Some researchers place this species in the genus Hyla.

2. Egg clusters are attached to sticks or other vegetation.

3. The Pacific Tree Frog grows to 1" but there are some other varieties that do get a bit bigger.

Fun contest. You always find a way to keep us on our toes!

Pam W