Thursday, June 19, 2008

sockclub08 contest#2 tree frog

1. I found that the greek word for tree frog is Skinos which means quick or nimble. I am neither quick nor nimble when it comes to this computer stuff, or knitting (newbie to both).
2. Tree frogs lay their eggs in a gooey mass on leaves or twigs above a pond so that when the frogs hatche they can drop right into the water. My yarn looks like a gooey mass because I do not have a winder yet (its on my wish list)!
3. The average size for a tree frog is 2.5 inches. I wish there was a DPN in size 2.5 because my gauge/swatches are usually btween size 2 and 3!

Thanks Jen - I am really glad I joined this sock club!!!:)

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