Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spruce in the Snow

I was hoping the snow would stick around so my spruce sprigs could get their glamor shot.

My socks have a twisted rib cuff instead of the ruffle cuff in the pattern. Other than that I didn't make any changes. Used a 1 1/2 sized needle so that the thin yarn would knit up a bit faster.

This was the first time I knit with Mohair and only my second short row heel. Very pleased with how they turned out. There are some modeled shots on my blog if you prefer to see socks on feet.


Lilly said...

Lovely socks and I love them against the brown twigs! Congratulations! I am in the sock club THIS year and I can't wait for it to start.
Carol aka Lilly

froggie girl said...

Thank you! Glad you liked the photo.
I think you're in for a real treat with the sock club. Jen puts a lot of time and effort into every package.
I had to sign up for this year too.

Rani said...

They're awesome!! Great picture, too.