Sunday, February 10, 2008

More November Socks done

I'm happy to finally have these on my feet because it seemed like the second sock was half done for quite a while. Finished then up on a Sunday and wore then to work the next day. One of my co-workers immediately exclaimed, "What beautiful colors, I love them!"

You can see the pooling but as they say, if you don't want socks that pool, knit with solid colors. Knitting those knots was tricky, but don't they look great when you're done. Like little flowers on Irish hills. :)

I'm trying to get some knitting done on the December shipment before this months shows up. The leg was almost complete and some sort of needle blow out occurred. (The sock was in my purse at the time) All I know is that I pulled it back out and half of my DPN's were missing and yarn overs were waving in the breeze. It looks fixable if I rip back to the 3 rows of knit and purl. Cross your fingers for me!

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