Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hot off the press!

Here they are - hot off the press! Waterfall socks complete! I love the colors! See my blog for how well they match my one pair of Keen sandals.....KnittingKris.

I used #3 Addi turbo needles, and completed the pattern using the Magic Loop method. I will try to post any changes/modifications that I did at a later date. I did knit the stockinette rows, and I did 4 lace repeats before knitting the heel flap. I had a tiny/small ball of yarn left over. But I definitely wasn't sweating about the yarn amount, or if I'd have enough or not! I have size 7 feet, but I knit my socks to 7 inches before starting the toe decreases (just more comfy for me). I won't talk about my gauge, because I can't remember what it was right now (I did measure it though), and the socks are not in front of me to measure. I was a little "under" gauge, but these socks would have been too big for me, if I would have stuck with the suggested gauge on the pattern!

PS - these are my first "lace" socks! :)

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Rani said...

They're gorgeous! Congratulations and I love how they match the shoes. I'm onto the instep - whoo hoooo!