Friday, November 9, 2007

The boxes are on their way!

The boxes are on their way! The international packages were shipped out earlier this week, and all US packages shipped out today, so some of you may even receive your packages tomorrow!

I wanted to announce the winners of the Miss Babs Color Inspiration contest....much thought went into choosing the winners...Miss Babs chose these winners herself and chose them based on how she felt the the colors would best be represented. Thank you to everyone who entered! We had some amazing contest entries. Here are the winners:

Winner #1: Angelina
Yarn Name: Cleopatra
Colors: black, , emerald green, light turquoise, gold, deep rose

Winner #2: Belinda
Yarn Name:
Pookie – Dark chocolate brown/cream/olive
Description: "I call him Pookie. My son’s eyes have always reminded me of the teddy bear that the comic strip/cartoon character
Garfield has so I have called my son Pookie from the day that he was born (not his real name!). When you look in my son’s eyes they are so dark brown (almost black) like a teddy bear, deep, deep brown, with no flecks of any other color, but they have a lightness to them that radiates from within like a creamy olive when the light catches them the right way. Quite spectacular, actually."

Winner #3: Carla
Yarn Name: Heartache
"I just read a book called "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell" and in that book there was a jewel box that the author described as "the color of heartache". I was so intrigued by this! I think "Heartache" would be a periwinkle blue-charcoal gray-lavender colorway, like rain falling on flowers..."

In your boxes you will find information on the next sock club contest! I look forward to receiving your entries!

Happy Knitting!


Rani said...

Ooooh. Those are great color names! I especially love the "Heartache" entry.

tapmouse said...

I can hardly wait to see our next shipment!